Riouglass – Vidresif has acquired a Glass Inspector 4D scanner for quality control of tempered glass.
The implementation of this equipment offers the possibility of analyzing all the tempered glass produced by its Glaston – Tamglass 2800 x 6000 mm furnace. Allowing to detect, measure and record for each of them, the effects that occur in the glass tempering process:

– White haze.
– Planimetry or “roller wave” generated by the rollers.
– Optical distortion produced by the lack of planimetry.
– Anisotropy existing in each of the tempered glasses.

Through the software, quality is automatically evaluated in 3 categories A-B-C according to the criteria of the new German standard DIN SPEC 18198:2022-05, generating a specific report for each of the glasses produced.
Starting from Peter Drucker’s famous phrase “Everything you can measure, you can improve” we can assure that we will not be able to improve what we cannot measure, therefore, it is advisable to start measuring as soon as possible.
Riouglass – Vidresif, thanks to the incorporation of the Glass Inspector, has improved and consolidated its already high level of quality with the peace of mind of having the monitoring and traceability of the entire process at all times.
Thanks to the technical and management team for the trust placed in Glass Inspector.

Glass Inspector born to inspect your glass.

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